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Online tools

Databases (related to G-quadruplexes):

  • G4 ligands database:

  • G4RNA browsing tools: 

  • DSSR-curated G4 structures in PDB: 

Prediction tools:

  • G4 - Hunter software for G-quadruplex predictions: 

  • G4 - Hunter web - a new server with optimized G4Hunter algorithm: 

  • Palindrome analyzer - tool for analyses of inverted repeats in DNA sequences:

  • P53 binding predictor - tool for searching and ranking p53 target sequence: 

  • G4-iM Grinder - fast, robust and highly adaptable algorithm. It is capable of locating, identifying, qualifying and quantifying DNA and RNA potential quadruplex structures, such as G-quadruplex, i-Motifs and their higher order versions:

  • Overview of open-source software for G-quadruplex detection (A guide to computational methods for G-quadruplex prediction)                                                                                                      

Identification and annotation tools:

  • 3DNA-DSSR - program for detections/annotations of G4 from atomic coordinates in PDB or PDBx/mmCIF format:

  • ElTetrado - a new tool that identifies and annotates tetrads and quadruplexes in the 3D structures of nucleic acids.

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