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Papers of Interest

Chapter by F. Brad Johnson “Fundamentals of quadruplexes and their biology”  read in book
Commentary by Prof. Chaires
G-quadruplexes (G4) have evolved from being a biophysical oddity to being structures of functional significance in biology.  For the chemist or physical scientist, appreciation of the possible roles of G4 structures in biology can be difficult because of the scientific cultural divide.  Biologists speak a different language.  This outstanding review by Brad Johnson presents an insightful and crystal-clear overview G4 biology.  It is particularly helpful that he offers explanations of the methods used for studies of G4s in biology, and points out the strengths, weaknesses and potential problems with each approach. As a biophysicist, I have struggled to keep up with, and understand, the rapid advances in G4 biology.  This is the most helpful and insightful review of the subject I have ever seen.

G-Quadruplexes act as sequence-dependent protein chaperones.
read recommendation by Jean-Louis Mergny

Begeman A., Son A., Litberg T. J., Wroblewski T. H., Gehring T., Huizar Cabral V., Bourne J., Xuan Z., and Horowitz S.

Single-molecule visualization of DNA G-quadruplex formation in live cells. read

Di Antonio M., Ponjavic A., Radzevičius A., Ranasinghe R. T., Catalano M., Zhang X., Shen J., Needham L., Lee S. F., Klenerman D., and Balasubramanian S.

Landscape of G-quadruplex DNA structural regions in breast cancer. read

Hänsel-Hertsch R., Simeone A., Shea A., Hui. W. W. I., Zyner K. G., Marsico G., Rueda O. M., Bruna A., Martin A., Zhang X., Adhikari S., Tannahill D., Caldas C., and Balasubramanian S.

A mechanism for the extension and unfolding of parallel telomeric G-quadruplexes by human telomerase at single-molecule resolution. read

Paudel B. P., Moye A. L., Abou Assi H., El-Khoury R., Cohen S. B., Holien J. K., Birrento M. L., Samsorn S., Intharapichai K., Tomlinson C. G., Teulade-Fichou M. P., González C., Beck J. L., Damha M. J., van Oijen A. M., and Bryan T. M.

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33rd International Conference on Antiviral Research (ICAR) read

Changed to webinars that will take place this fall from September to December 2020 and will be free-of-charge to all ISAR members.

Quadruplexes Made in France

Institut Pasteur Auditorium François Jacob, Paris. 
Postponed to 2021

Advances in Noncanonical Nucleic Acids 2020 (ANNA 2020)

Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia, October 1-3, 2020. Cancelled.

8th International Meeting on Quadruplex Nucleic Acids, 2021
Pittsburg, USA – to be announced soon

Nucleic Acid Secondary Structures G4s and Beyond

September-October, 2020
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Nucleic Acid Secondary Structures G4s and Beyond for Postdocs and PhD Students

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15 December, 2020

Molecules journal: "NMR in the Drug Design". read

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